May 2, 1865: Jefferson Davis to the C.S.A. Treasurer

AMS 444-2- p1 Jefferson Davis to the CSA Sec. AMS 444-2- p2 Jefferson Davis to the CSA Sec.

Abbeville S. C. May 2nd, 1865

The Treasurer of the Confederate States is here by directed to deliver to Hon. J. H. Reagan Acting Secretary of the Treasury all Bills of Exchange which may be in his possession

Jefferson Davis

Abbeville S. C. May 2nd, 1865

Received of the Treasures of the Confederate States the following Sterling Exchange Vis

By Jos. Deyneed Sep. 28/64 @ 10 % on N M Rothschild Son

(First & Second) London £5000

Same Oct 5/64 10 % on Same (1st & 2nd) 5000

Power Lowe No Jany 14/65 1 % on Thos. & Taylor

Nassau W R S 23.5

Also Thirds of various Bills the Firsts and Seconds of which have been forwarded for collection though all may not have reached their destination

John H. Reagan

This is the last official paper signed by Pres. Davis

Walter Philbrook

Chief Teller, C.S. Treasury

and acting Treas. C. S.

Citation: Jefferson Davis (1808-1889),Order to the treasurer of the Confederate States. Abbeville, S.C., 2 May1865. AMs 444/20

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