About This Project

The Rosenbach’s collections are rich in important materials related to the Civil War, including letters and documents by Lincoln, Grant, Lee, and many other political and military leaders; as well as materials about slavery and abolition.Today in the Civil War: Dispatches from the Rosenbach Collection reproduces Civil War-era documents from the Rosenbach collection 150 years after they were originally created.  Each will be accompanied by a transcript, either full or partial, depending on the length of the document. Items bearing an exact date (e.g. letters, newspapers) will be posted on that date. Material where only the year is known (e.g. books) will be posted during the appropriate year. Items which date from the Civil War period but do not have a specific date (e.g. photographs) will appear from time to time as well.

This project is intended to be commemorative, not scholarly.  If you have questions about this site, please contact Kathy Haas, Assistant Curator. If you would like additional information on our Civil War holdings, please contact the Rosenbach’s  Librarian, Elizabeth Fuller, or use our web contact form.  Information about ordering images can be found on our Research Policies page. Finally, for anyone interested in helping us spread the word about this project, our press is handled by the Rosenbach’s Manger of External Relations Alice Emerson.

This site has been made possible through the dedicated work of the Rosenbach’s collections interns. Special thanks  to Dana Byrd, Meghan Constantinou, Louise Feder, Joanna Hoover, Hannah Lonky, Chelcie Rowell, and Jessica Walthew. Additional thanks to the Rosenbach’s I.T. coordinator, Lauren Abshire.