May 6, 1865: U.S. Grant Letter to his Father

AMs 358-10 p1 U.S. Grant to Jesse Root Grant AMs 358-10 p2 U.S. Grant to Jesse Root Grant AMs 358-10 p3 U.S. Grant to Jesse Root Grant


Dear Father,

I have received a sixty days furlough for Samuel A. [Yearrow?]. He can be discharged at any time after his return […]. It will take probably three weeks for my directions to reach him and he return.

I have just returned from Phila leaving Mr. Cramer there. He can describe our new house to you when he returns. My health is good but I find so much to do that I can scarcely keep up with public business let alone answering all the private letters I receive My going to Phila and spending half my time there as I hope to do will give me some leisure. I attend to public business there by telegraph and avoid numerous calls taking up much time or hope to do so.

My kind regards to all at home. I hope to hear of mother’s entire recovery soon.


Citation:  Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), autograph letter signed to Jesse Root Grant. 6 May 1865. AMs 358/10

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