January 7, 1864: Henry Warner to John Riddle Warner

Henry Warner Jr. was the younger brother of John Riddle Warner, the grandfather of the poet Marianne Moore.  Henry served in  Independent Battery G from August 1862 until June 1865.These family letters are preserved as part of the Marianne Moore family papers.

Moore VI-6-1 Henry Warner to John Riddle Warner 1-7-64


Fort Delaware Jany 7th 1864

Dear Brother

According to promise made you in my letter written from Chesapeake City—I write you now, inclosing your Gettysbg. letter—I arrived here last night after having, during my entire absence a very pleasant time indeed—The Canal company sent me and my men with all their baggage, home in buggies and carriages—The citizens held an informal meeting upon our leaving and expressed their regret in written resolution at parting with us & the hope we would be returned—The Canal Company paid our bill at the hotel in full, amounting to $215 x/100 and sent an application for our return—which I presume will not be granted as troops cannot be spared from here—but I will tell you all when I see you—Write me very soon about your visit &c &c—So that I may know when to expect you & not be away & Believe me to be Always Yours Henry

Citation: Henry Warner Jr., autograph letter to John Riddle Warner. Fort Delaware,7 January 1864 Moore VI:6:01

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