July 9, 1862: Richmond Enquirer

Transcript (excerpt):

“Cruelty to Confederate Officers”

“Our readers have doubtless noted the severity practiced by the Yankees upon Generals Buckner and Tilghman now confined in Fort Warren. We understand from a perfectly authentic source that Brig. Gen. Pettigrew, who was recently severely wounded and taken prisoner by the enemy, has been inhumanely removed from Baltimore, where he had the attention of friends, to Fort Delaware. His right arm is paralyzed and he is very feeble, and unfit for any exertion. In this condition he has been consigned to prison, and even refused permission to take a servant to assist him in his helplessness. The effect of this harshness is to retard Gen. Pettigrew’s recovery, and it may cost him his life. Yankee Generals in our hands have been treated heretofore by us with the greatest liberality, but unless Buckner, Tilghman and Pettigrew shall receive another sort of usage, they must prepare for prompt retaliation.”


Citation:The Weekly Richmond Enquirer. Richmond, 9 July 1862. AN .R532

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