March 16, 1861: John Henry Brown’s Journal

John Henry Brown was a painter of portrait miniatures, living and working in Philadelphia. He had met Lincoln in August of 1860 when he was commissioned to paint Lincoln’s portrait for a supporter, but although Brown liked Lincoln personally, he did not agree with Republican policies.



At Mrs Pages picture. Political affairs seemingly as far from a settlement as ever.

Citation: John Henry Brown (1818-1891), autograph journal/account book. Philadelphia, 1844-1890. AMs 574/14.1

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  1. Michael Berry says:

    The Confederate Provisional Congress adjourns. President Davis appoints William Lowndes Yancy, Pierre A. Rost and A. Dudley Mann as commissioners to negotiate for the Brithsh to recognize the Confederate States.

    Maj. Anderson is reporting daily on the situation at Ft. Sumter.

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