April 5, 1865: U.S. Grant to William T. Sherman

AMs 473-19-1 US Grant draft to WT Sherman


Wilson’s Station Apl 5th 1865

Maj Gen Sherman, Cav Col T.S. Bowers

City Point

All indications now are that Lee will attempt to reach Danville with the remnant of his force. Sheridan who was up with him last night reports all that is left, Horse Foot and Dragoons at 2000 much demoralized. We hope to reduce this number one half. I shall push on to Burkeville and if a stand is made at Danville will in a very few days go there. If you can possibly do so push on from where you are and let us see if we can not finish the job with Lee’s & Johnston’s Armies. Whether it will be better for you to strike for Greensboro or nearer to Danville you will be better off to judge when you receive this. Rebel Armies now are the only strategic points to strike at.

U.S. Grant

Citation:  Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885).Autograph letter signed to William T. Sherman(draft). Wilson’s Station, Va.;  5 April 1865. AMs 473/19.1

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