August 30, 1861: New York Tribune


Transcript (excerpt Page 1, Upper Half)


Palmyra, Mo., taken possession of by the Rebels.

Quincy, Ill. Thursday, Aug. 29, 1861

Lieut. Pinkley, of Capt. Ralson’s company of the 16th Regiment of Volunteers, came to this city last evening. He states that a large body of Rebels, variously estimated from 2,500 to 3,000, under the notorious Martin Green, took possession of Palmyra, Mo., yesterday morning. There were no U.S. Troops there to defend it, and of course no resistance was made. Some 500 of the Rebels were in the town and the balance encamped on the outskirts.

A train of cars containing a large quantity of muskets for the troops at St. Joseph, which left Hannibal yesterday, was fired into near Palmyra, and was forced to return. No damage, fortunately, was done.


Citation: New York Daily Tribune. New York, 30 August 1861. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .N5675

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