August 29, 1861: New York Tribune


Transcript: (excerpt, Page 1, Upper Half)


From the Rebel Capital.

Sickness in the Rebel Army.

The correspondent of The Montgomery Advertiser writes as follows:

“The health of our army is not very good at present, and I am sorry to say that the fatality among the sick has been great. The Central cars of yesterday brought down 350 sick soldiers, but the majority of them were suffering with slight diseases, like measles and severe colds. The hospitals in the city are filled to overflowing, and every building suitable for the sick is being fitted up for them. Scarcely a day passes without bringing in a number of sick from Manassas and the other camps in the State. The necessity for new hospitals and the increase of the medical staff is very great, and I am glad to see the people impressed with the danger of crowding too many sick in one building.


Citation: New York Daily Tribune. New York, 29 August 1861. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .N5675

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