April 26, 1865: Philadelphia Inquirer


Transcript (excerpt):

The Funeral Procession in New York

New York, April 25.- A constant stream of people have been passing through the room in the City Hall, where the remains of the late President have been exposed to view, ever since yesterday afternoon. They pass at a rate of eighty per minute.

At midnight the German singers, numbering about one thousand voices, chaunted dirges. Throughout the night the long line of citizens, anxious to view the remains, was kept moving.

Early this morning, it seemed diminished very little, and soon after daylight was lengthened greatly, extending from Warren to John streets on the west side of City Hall, while there was another line of greater length running through the streets on the east side of the hall…


Citation: Philadelphia Inquirer.  Philadelphia, 26 April 1865. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .P5546

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