April 25, 1865: U.S. Grant on the Suffering of the South

AMs 358-12 p1 U.S. Grant to Julia Dent Grant  AMs 358-12 p2 U.S. Grant to Julia Dent Grant


Head-Quarters Military Division of the Mississippi

In the Field Raleigh Apl. 25th 1865

Dear Julia,

We arrived here yesterday and as I expected to return to-day did not intend to write until I returned. Now however matters have taken such a turn that I suppose Sherman will finish up matters by to-morrow night and I shall wait to see the result.

Raleigh is a very beautiful place. The grounds are large and filled with the most beautiful spreading oaks I ever saw. Nothing has been destroyed and the people are anxious to see peace restored so that further devastation need not take place in the country. The suffering that must exist in the South the next year even with the war ending now, will be beyond conception. People who talk now of further retaliation and punishment, except of the political leaders, either do not conceive of the suffering endured already or they are heartless and unfeeling and wish to stay at home, out of danger, whilst the punishment is being inflicted.

Love and kisses for you and the children.



Citation: Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), autograph letter signed to Julia Dent Grant. Raleigh, 25 April 1865. AMs 358/12

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