March 23, 1861: Charleston Mercury

Charleston Mercury 3-23-61

Transcript (excerpt):

The Charleston Mercury, Charleston, S.C., Saturday, March 23, 1861.

Page 1, Upper Half

Direct Trade.

The New York Times has an elaborate article on the subject of direct trade between the ports of the Confederate States and those of Europe. It is of opinion that this government cannot initiate direct trade with such ports. It enters into argument, and thinks it demonstrates the fact. The article is too long for insertion, and indeed is only worth of notice, because it conveniently enables us to remove some of the old cobwebs that hang still about the brains of such ignorant people. A few extracts, however, we give so as to follow a train of ideas expressed. It will be perceived that they are but a part and parcel of the same old thing – “the people of the South are a set of poor devils and paupers, entirely dependent on the great, intelligent, wealthy North.” Well! it makes little difference now what their arrogance and ignorance may induce them to believe. A very brief time, measured now almost by days, will impart to them such instruction as will not be obliterated by the tide of a century to come. But to the argument.

The Times assumes that the Northern manufactories cannot be competed with by the European manufactories in supplying the South; that “nineteenths” of the articles consumed at the South must still be supplied by the North.

If this be fact, the conclusion at once presents itself, what a stupendous fraud and system of robbery the North has habitually practiced, and still would practice, upon the South by the enormous protection of Northern manufactures through protective Tariffs! Even Webster only claimed protection as a necessity for the continuance of their manufactures.

Citation: Charleston Mercury. Charleston, S.C., 23 March 1861. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .C477

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