July 20, 1862: Henry J. Biddle Death letter

Capt. Henry Jonathan Biddle was the older brother of Alexander Biddle. He was Assistant Adjutant General of the Pennsylvania Reserves and was fatally wounded at the battle of New Market Cross Roads on June 30, 1862.

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Copy of a letter on the death of Capt. H.J. Biddle

Richmond July 20th 1862

My dear Madame

The most grievous task that has ever fallen my lot compels me to address you now. My heart has been almost broken by the sad occurrences which the enclosed letters will reveal to you.

I cannot offer you consolation which even I cannot gather to myself. The above alone to whose care your husband committed you can do this.

But I may tell you I was with my friend Harry in his last moments. He was calm collected + resigned to his hard fate. He died, as he had lived, like a man, with all the noble sentiments of his nature in full development. His brother Tom to whim I have written will give you full particulars relative to this sad bereavement which believe falls upon me too heavily.

Most truly and respectfully your friend

Gen. A McCall

Richmond V.

Chimborazo Hospital

July 20th 1862

Mrs. H. J. Biddle

Carlyle Pa

Dear Mollie

I have fought the battle of life, as hard as I could, but I feel that I am now going. I write to bless you and all my dear children before I die.

I pray my God to have mercy on my soul through all the means provided by him.

Good night. May God bless you.

H.J. Biddle

Dictated to an attendant who wrote it down

Harry died that same Evg

Citation: Henry Jonathan Biddle, letter to Mary D. Biddle. Richmond, 20 July 1862. Rush IV:37:40

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