October 2, 1864: Alexander Biddle to Julia Williams Rush Biddle

Alexander Biddle was a member of the prominent Philadelphia Biddle family and was married to Julia Williams Rush,  the granddaughter of Dr. Benjamin Rush.  Biddle served with the 121st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, beginning in September 1862. Starting out as a major, he would participate at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg, among other engagements, and would leave the service as a lieutenant colonel. (He was commissioned, but never mustered, as colonel)

Rush IV-31-2 10-2-64 p1 A Biddle ALS to Julia William Rush Rush IV-31-2 10-2-64 p2-3 A Biddle ALS to Julia William RushRush IV-31-2 10-2-64 p2-3 A Biddle ALS to Julia William Rush Rush IV-31-2 10-2-64 p4 A Biddle ALS to Julia William Rush


October 2nd 1864

Dear Wife

My journey has passed off very pleasantly so far. We stopped for the night at Altoona as I wrote to you afterwards at Chicago and came here on Saturday yesterday arriving after dark.

In the cars they polled the passengers. There were 98 for Lincoln and 24 otherwise. In another car on the Penn RR when Lumbert was departed from us they did the same and the result was 25 for Lincoln and 18 otherwise.

I noticed a new peculiarity. The cars-a man came along with a parcel of sealed packages the contents unknown which he offered with a flaming notice of someone of them having something valuable in them. Another way of taking advantage of that hope of a lucky turn which induces so many poor people to try lotteries.

I feel a good deal relieved in getting away from unpleasant thoughts of business relationships closed and broken and winding up a connection which I think Father intended and hoped would be transmitted through generations of his descendants and hope this trip will do me good and that I will come back with a disposition more calm and reasonable than I have had and which my dear wife I fear has exhibited itself in troubling you. But I know you will forgive me and when you can guide and help me in all good actions as you have always done.Tomorrow our first day’s shooting begins. I have told L that I expect him to do the greater part of that for I am out of practice and just feel like walking as I used to do. But I pray we see both of the same temper in that respect. Together this morning we cooked the breakfast, he doing the larger half whilst I attended to preparing two [teul?] I find the country much changed and about here many of the people seem to be for M Clellan but the better part for Lincoln.

Goodbye dear Wife. Give love and kisses to dear Aleck Harry Julia Winny and the darling Louis and above all to yourself.

From your loving


Citation: Alexander Biddle (1819-1899), autograph letter signed to Julia Williams Rush Biddle. 2 October 1864 Rush:IV:31:02

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