September 7, 1863: G.H. Byrd to John Riddle Warner

Rev. John Riddle Warner was the grandfather of the poet Marianne Moore and during the Civil War, he lived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. These letters are preserved as part of Marianne Moore’s family papers. 

 Moore VI-5-23 p1 GH Byrd 9-7-63 Moore VI-5-23 p2 GH Byrd 9-7-63


Batto Sept 7 1863

Dear Sir, I thank you very much for your letter of August 20th, which would have been sooner replied to, but for my absence at the North.

I am greatly obliged for your kindness in looking for the burial-place of Major Leigh, & regret to trouble you farther. The enclosed letter, from the Revd JY Cowhic, gives a minute description of the locality, where he fell. If you could find the spot, you would be doing an act of the greatest kindness to his stricken wife, mother, brothers & sisters. Being in the spot, you may be able to give me some suggestion, that will lead to the desired information. For instance it might be discovered, who buried the dead at that particular point.

I will be pleased to hear from you, and to return the favor when I can.

Yours truly

Care Hyman, Byrd &C GH Byrd

PS I have to-day written to Mr Cowhic, & it is possible he may go to Gettysbg. If so I will meet him there, & have the pleasure of seeing you. Please preserve Mr C’s letter


Citation: G.H. Byrd, autograph letter to John Riddle Warner. 7 September 1863. Moore VI:5:23

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