March 1, 1861: Letter from Jefferson Davis to Governor F.W. Pickens

 AMs 356-26 p1 Jefferson Davis to FW Pickens

AMs 356-26 p2 Jefferson Davis to FW Pickens



Montgomery Ala.

March 1. 1861

Govr. F. W. Pickens

My dear sir,

I have requested the Secretary of War to inform you fully of the arrangements made and making for the efficient discharge of our duties in connection with the defence of Charleston and the vindication of our rights territorial and jurisdictional. I use the pronoun our because the cause is common to the Confederate States and near to my heart as if I were a citizen of So- Ca. Genl. Beauregard is full of talent and of much military experience, he has been selected because of his peculiar fitness for the position and because his zeal and gallantry cannot fail to win your confidence and that of the brave men who have given themselves to the service of their country in this hour of its need. He will confer freely with you and must needs depend upon you for the power to be useful. I have discussed the subject of the works needful as well to prevent the entrance of reinforcements as to reduce Fort Sumpter most speedily and at least use of the blood of our patriotic sons.

I have not despaired of being able to visit you and will avail myself of the earliest occasion when public duties here will permit to do so. Very truly yours

Jeffers. Davis


Citation: Jefferson Davis, autograph letter signed to F.W. Pickens. Montgomery, Ala, 1 March 1861. AMs 356/26.

One Response to “March 1, 1861: Letter from Jefferson Davis to Governor F.W. Pickens”

  1. Michael Berry says:

    Maj. Anderson, commander of Ft. Sumter, informs Washington that the time to either reinforce or withdraw from Ft. Sumter is approaching. For the time being relations between the federals and Charlestonians is amicable, but various artillery batteries bearing on the fort are being built.

    In an irony of war, Maj. Anderson taught Gen. Beauregard artillery when Beauregard was a cadet at West Point.

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