November 21, 1862: Alexander Biddle to Harry and Aleck Biddle

Alexander Biddle was a member of the prominent Philadelphia Biddle family and was married to Julia Williams Rush,  the granddaughter of Dr. Benjamin Rush.  Biddle served with the 121st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, beginning in September 1862. Starting out as a major, he would participate at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg, among other engagements, and would leave the service as a lieutenant colonel. (He was commissioned, but never mustered, as colonel)

Rush IV-30-25 p1 A Biddle ALS to Julia William Rush, Nov 21


Camp near Stafford CD

Friday November 21st 1862

Head Quarters 121st Reg. PV

Dear Harry and Dear Aleck

Papa got both your letters the 5 cent note and the chestnuts and also the nice grapes which Papa enjoyed very much. Papa is writing to you on his haversack – the day is rainy it rained yesterday, the day before and is now raining Many of the men slept on the wet ground last night and this morning when Papa went round the camp at Reveille He was over his shoes in mud in many places. Mama will tell you what Reveille is. The drums beat and the fifes play for the men to get up they all have to jump dress and answer to their names as soon as the sergeant calls them. The poor horses stood out in the wet. Papa fed Louis and Transportation himself and they both seemed glad to get their breakfasts after which Papa had some tea beef and crackers for his own. Papa is happy to get the pretty song “marching along” and sends love to his Aleck, Harry, Winny and his sweet little Jule He is happy to hear they are good children


Citation: Alexander Biddle (1819-1899), autograph letter signed to Julia Williams Rush Biddle.21 November 1862. Rush:IV:30:25

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