January 30, 1862: Report of the Home Guard of the City of Philadelphia

A 862r 001

This pamphlet was published in 1862, but the exact date is uncertain.


The assault upon Fort Sumpter and its subsequent capture in April last, awakened the loyal people of the North from their political lethargy, and disclosed to them the fact that rebellion was a reality, and not a menace.

The President of the United States issued his proclamation on the 15th of April, calling into activity 75,000 volunteers; and thereupon the Gov. of Pennsylvania ordered into service, among others, Major Gen. Patterson and the volunteer regiments of the First Division of Pennsylvania Militia. This requisition stripped Philadelphia of its organized military force; and the sense of insecurity which the departure of the troops of the First Division aroused, prompted the municipal authorities to encourage and direct the immediate organization of a special military force that would be adequate to the protection of the City, and that should not be liable to be withdrawn from it, except for its own defence upon any of the approaches thereto.

Citation: Report of Brigadier Gen’l A. J. Pleasonton, commanding the Home guard of the city of Philadelphia, to the Hon. Alexander Henry, mayor … for the year 1861. Philadelphia: Ringwalt & Brown, 1862. A 862r

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