January 27, 1863: National Intelligencer

National Intelligencer 1-27-1863

Transcript [excerpt]:

On the 22d of September, less than a month after this course of accusation was brought against the integrity of intelligence of Mr. Lincoln, the wishes of the Tribune in the matter of the “loyal blacks” were more than consummated by the “proclamation of freedom” issued under that date. Henceforth there were no more murmurs from his source against the Executive Head of Government. On the contrary, every column of the Tribune was radiant with hope and joy. Under the first gush of gratified emotion it favored the country with the following flattering prospect. We quote from the Tribune of September 24, one day after the first “Proclamation of Freedom” was published:

“By a single blow he [the President] has palsied the right arm of the rebellion. Slavery is the root of the rebellion; he digs it up by the roots. Property in slaves, the appalling events of the last two years show, is dangerous to the existence of the nation; he destroys such property. The rebels are dependent for their daily subsistence upon their slaves; he makes those slaves freemen. As slaves they are the mere subjects of rebels, to toil for them, to be used by them as beasts of burden; as freemen they are the loyal allies of a free Government, asking only in return the protection which such a government gives to the humblest citizen. By a word the President transforms a state sunk in the semi barbarism of a medieval age to the light and civilization of the Nineteenth Christian Century. As it is not extravagant to say that God hid away this continent till the human race had reached its manhood and was fit to enter upon so fair an inheritance, so it is a simple statement of a truth to say that in all the ages there has been no act of one man and of one people so sublime as this emancipation of a race-no act so fraught with good for the sons of men in all time to come.”

Citation: National Intelligencer. Washington, 27 January 1863.AN .N2775

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