April 6, 1865: U.S. Grant to William T. Sherman


AMs 435-8_13 Grant to Sherman 4-6-1865


Head Quarters Dept. of N.C.

Army of the Ohio

April 8” 1865.

By telegraph from Burkeville Va Apl. 6”

Maj. Gen Sherman

We have Lee’s army pressed hard his men scattering and going to their homes by thousands. He is endeavoring to reach Danville where Jeff Davis and his cabinet have gone. I shall press the pursuit to the end. Push Johnson at the same time and let us finish up this job at once.

Signed U. S. Grant

Lt. General


(Signed) Theo Cox

Maj. & A.A.G.

Citation: Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), autograph letter signed to William T. Sherman. Burkeville, Va.; 8 April 1865. AMs 435/8.13

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