April 14, 1865: Philadelphia Inquirer


Transcript (excerpt):

Important Announcement by the Secretary Stanton-Drafting and recruiting in the loyal states is to be stopped-purchases and expenses to be curtailed-military restrictions on trade to be removed.

Washington, April 13, 1865.-To Major-General Dix, New York.- This department, after mature consideration and consultation with the Lieutenant-General upon the results of the recent campaign, has come to the following determination, which will be carried into effect by appropriate orders, to be immediately issued:-

First. To stop all drafting and recruiting in the loyal States.

Second. To curtail purchases for arms, ammunition, Quartermaster and Commissary supplies, and reduce the expenses of the military establishment in its several branches.

Third. To reduce the number of general and staff officers to the actual necessities of the service.

Fourth. To remove all military restrictions upon trade and commerce so far as may be consistent with the public safety.

As soon as these measures can be put in operation it will be made known by public orders.

Edwin M. Stanton

Secretary of War


Citation: Philadelphia Inquirer. 14 April 1865. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .P5546

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