January 24, 1865: Philadelphia Inquirer


Transcript (excerpt):

“Habeas Corpus”

“In the Rebel House of Representative, on January 20th, the resolution against suspending the habeas corpus was voted down-43 to 26.

If we would have peace we must first gain victories. The army must have more men and new and better organization. This is the only work for congress to do. Let them do it and do it quickly. Turn peace over to Mr. Blair and Mr. Foote. Let them hob-knob over it to their heart’s content, and whether this side or the other of the Potomac makes no matter. War and war measure for the Congress of this Confederacy is the only thing now left for our Legislatures.”


Citation: Philadelphia Inquirer. Philadelphia, 24 January 1865. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .P5546

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