June 12, 1862: Belle Boyd’s Album

This autograph book/scrapbook belonged to Belle Boyd, a Confederate spy. Only 17 years old at the start of the war, Boyd used her looks and charm to gain information from Union troops stationed near her Virginia home. Her most significant action was providing information to Turner Ashby and Stonewall Jackson about Union activities in Front Royal during the 1862 Valley campaign. Boyd was arrested multiple times and was held in Union prisons from July 29, 1862 to August  28, 1862 and again from August to December 1863.


Miss Belle

In saying farewell to you, I cannot leave without expressing to you my heartfelt wishes. May a life of happiness of joy and supreme love and prosperity be yours: And when in days  hereafter we may once more meet after the bitter dissension in our land has calmed and victory been gained by the right may we one more have the pleasure of joining in the clasped hand of friendship.

Will Johnson

Lieut. 102d N.Y.

Front Royal

June 12th 1862

Citation: Belle Boyd (1844-1900), Album: 1859-1903 [bulk 1862-1900]. AMs 1296/16

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