March 30, 1865: U. S. Grant to Abraham Lincoln

AMs 526-18 US Grant to Abraham Lincoln


Gravelly Run March 30th 1865

A Lincoln, President, City Point

I understand the number of dead left by the enemy yesterday for us to bury was much greater than our own dead. The captures were larger than reported also amounting to about 160. This morning our troops have all been pushed forward and now occupy a line from what you will see marked on the map as the Crow House across the Boyland plank road North of where the Quaker road intersects it. Sheridan’s Cavalry is pushing forward towards the White Oak road and I think this afternoon or tomorrow may push on to the South side road.

U.S. Grant

Lt. Gen.


Citation: Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), autograph letter signed to Abraham Lincoln. City Point, Va.; 30 March1865. AMs 526/18

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