December 24, 1864: U. S. Grant to Gustavus Vasa Fox

AMS 391-9 p1 U.S. Grant to Gustavus Vasa Fox AMS 391-9 p2 U.S. Grant to Gustavus Vasa Fox AMS 391-9 p3 U.S. Grant to Gustavus Vasa Fox AMS 391-9 p4 U.S. Grant to Gustavus Vasa Fox


United States Military Telegraph

By Telegraph from City Pt

Dated 24 1864

To Asst Sce Fox

If the Rebel Rams do not get down to-night I think everything will be safe before to-morrow night. I expect but little assistance however in case of an attack from the Navy under Capt. Parker. I have been compelled to take the matter in my own hands to get vessels to the front ordering by direction of the Sec. of the Navy

I know no reason why the Torpedo boat did not attack. As I understand the rebel rams run our batteries to the obstructions and there leisurely rumored and blow them up only opposed by a little Infantry from the shore. Where I sent up before day light Capt. Parker had removed the Monitor to below the obstruction Pontoon bridge. To-night I understand he has hauled down the river leaving what obstructions still remains to be removed without opposition from him. I have sent an urgent appeal for him to get back. I have been busy all day getting up material to review the obstructions and Army officers are now at it.

U. S. Grant

Lt. Gen.

Citation: Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), autograph telegram signed to Gustavus Vasa Fox. City Point, Va.; 24 December 1864. AMs 391/9

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