May 30, 1861: U.S. Grant to His Father

AMs 541-19-1 Ulysses S Grant to Jesse Root Grant


Galena, May 30th 1861

Dear Father:

I have now been home near a week but return to Springfield to-day. I have tendered my services to the Government and go to-day to make myself useful, if possible, from this until all our National difficulties are ended. During the six days I have been at home I have felt all the time as if a duty was being neglected that was paramount to any other duty I ever owed. I have every reason to be well satisfied with myself for the services already rendered but to stop now would not do.

All here are well. Orvil or Lank will write to you in a day or two and tell you how business matters stand. Write to me at Springfield.

Yours Truly

U.S. Grant

Citation:  Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), autograph letter signed to Jesse Root Grant. Galena, Ill., 30 May 1861. AMs 541/19.1

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