April 29, 1863: Henry and Mary Warner to John Warner

Henry and Mary Warner lived in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, now part of Pittsburgh. They are the great-grandparents of poet Marianne Moore.  By the 1860s they had three surviving children:  John, Henry, and Anne. Their letters to John, a Presbyterian minister living in Gettysburg, are preserved as part of Marianne Moore’s family papers.

Moore VI-5-18 p1 Henry and Mary Warner to Children 4-29-63Moore VI-5-18 p2 Henry and Mary Warner to Children 4-29-63


Allegheny City, Wednesday, April 29th 1863

Our Dear Children, The rebels have not got our length yet, while I now write, 11 ½ A.M. I have not heard of their whereabouts, as I have not seen the mornings paper; yesterday afternoon, it was currently reported that they were about 45 miles from us. that they had captured Morgantown Va, were on their way to Uniontown, Pa, & whether they would go to Wheeling or the Smoky City nobody knew; It rained all morning & the sun shines bright & warm at present; just about where we live the people seem as unconcerned as if there was not a rebel in America, however as I went to look at my empty box in the P.O. the people seemed to be in small groups here and there & at corners as though something was going on of some consequence to every body. Yesterday in the afternoon all the bells toll’d & I supposed that it was on account of the death of a fireman, and it was some time before I knew our rebel friends were so close to us, We have no friendship for them & sincerely hope that wherever they are, they will be no nearer to us than they are at present. Sis had her foot scalded, but is running around as though nothing was the matter, will dine with us today, she is just beside me laying the things on the dinner table, Robert is still improving in health, & attends to business as usual, we all enjoy excellent health, have no news, only that we have a fire now & again in Pittsburgh, we get a note from Henry once a week. We hope the roads about Gettysburgh are improved in condition, we would like to know how Mrs Craig is, as the summer advances her health may recruit, both your communions were over last Sabbath we hope you got through cleverly. Are you going to Ill. to the General Assembly. The last of the house cleaning was done this forenoon. We have a splendid Market House in Allegheny the handsomest & best laid out in the United States at any rate so Mother says. It is admitted by competent judges to be a splendid affair, still they cannot cause eggs to be any cheaper than 15¢ per dozen—Kind Remembrance to Jennie & a kiss for our Mary—Your affectionate father & mother

Henry & Mary Warner

Citation: Henry and Mary Warner, autograph letter signed to John Riddle Warner. Allegheny City [Pittsburgh], 29 April 1863. Moore VI:05:18

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