April 18, 1865: Philadelphia Inquirer

Inquirer 4-18-1865

Transcript (excerpt):

Page 1, Upper and Lower Halves

Special Dispatches to the Inquirer

Washington April 17, 1865.

The Assassination of the President

Every hour passing goes to prove that the assassination of President Lincoln and Cabinet … originated with the Knights of the Golden Circle, the same plotters who designed last fall to revolutionize the great West by murdering the Governors of the States of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, &c.

Booth’s Conduct of Late.

For two months he has appeared to be greatly occupied with something, something that weighed heavily upon his mind, and of so large a magnitude that he would not disclose it to his most importunate and intimate friends. Among his companions he was often silent, and when talking frequently absent-minded and wandering. The hideous crime he had in contemplation and which he had sworn to accomplish, was the cause.

The Murder Fixed for the 4th of March.

The fourth of March was fixed originally for the assassination, and Booth was on the ground, but either through fear of not being able to effect his escape or because of the failure of his accomplice to meet him at that time, the attempt was not made.

The Assassin Lies in Wait.

He is now known to have waited for the President on that day, on the embankment near the north wing of the Capitol, close to which Mr. Lincoln would pass.

Citation: Philadelphia Inquirer. 18 April 1865. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab. AN .P5546

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