March 8, 1865: New York Tribune


Excerpt (transcript):

Page 1, Upper Half

Wilmington, Feb. 25, 1865.


From small beginnings, when only two of three vessels were employed in contraband trade blockade-running grew to an immense commerce. Ships averaging from a capacity of from 500 to 1,500 and even 1,900 bales were employed. They were mostly English built vessels, and manned by English crews. Each vessel was obliged by law to bring and carry away one-third of their cargoes on account of the Confederacy. This rule was adopted within the last 12 months. Their inward cargoes were assorted, and consisted of every article which would sell most rapidly and at the highest rates. The Jews were the principal capitalists, and reaped the chief benefits of the trade. Many made large fortunes. Israelites swarmed everywhere, and astonished everybody by their numbers and activity in the business.


Citation: New York Daily Tribune. 8 March 1865. Gift of Steven and Susan Raab.

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